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The Brass Ring, Part II

...Then there’s all of the naysayers
who focus only on our sins,
say we’re evil down to our core,
and that we all should be done in.
Find one country in this wide world
that has not made some bad mistakes,
it’s a constant on human nature,
from which no person can escape.
At least we try to correct them,
always strive to be improving,
slavery and discrimination
were cut down here in the brass ring.

They seem to forget the good stuff,
and good lord do we have a lot,
freedom to live the life we chose,
to speak, and express our true thoughts.
Full equality under law
brings endless opportunity,
work for another or start your own,
many paths lead to prosperity.
Technology that makes life simple,
bo more toil, breaking of backs,
children that live past childhood,
you just can’t understate that fact.
Rule of Law so strong that it has
made us think that the norm is peace,
so much our children forget that
hard conflict once broke bodies.
Our poor people eat too much food,
consumer goods overflow stores;
A superpower of freedom,
this has never happened before.
Our ideas have worked so damn well
we should all slap our chests and sing,
appreciate America,
we are living in the brass ring.

Copyright © David Welch