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Perception: Part II

If what I say I see is an image my brain forms
From stimulation by certain of the waves, then
When I say I see something “over there”, I do not see it
There, I see it here in my brain in three dimensions. 
“There”, everywhere, is dark. Enlightenment plays only
 On screens in brains where there are eyes to see. 

But is what I say I see really the way something looks?
Yes, so far as I remind myself the image is but an artifact
Created within the limits of my eyes to capture and my brain interpret.
If so, how would the same something “look” in ultra violet or far-red waves,
   (Is it all illusion?)
If we had such eyes to see?

Is it the same with other senses?
With hearing my dog thinks it is 
Since I seem to miss so much. Ears deaf
To all but those of the waves we call audible, 
Leave so much music unheard.  
I think how Mozart would have frolicked 
Through notes extending to canine ranges,
If we had such ears to hear.

Surely all waves carry some possibility 
For perception, some new way to find our way
But most are either denied or undetected.

I am impoverished by waves I cannot ride. 

Copyright Paul Thomson 2021

Copyright © Paul Thomson