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Roy G Biv
All colors are beautiful right?
It’s ok for colors to be lighter and darker than other colors right?
If you say yes,well answer me this
Why is it ok for someone to say black and white can’t be in the rainbow?
Why is it ok for colors to have all types of tints and shades,but it doesn’t apply to humans?
Why does it matter what color we are?
Why does it matter if we’re black,white,mixed,asian,mexican?
Why is it that just because you’re a different race you can’t go to other countries?
Why are we categorized by our skin tone?
Why can’t we be what we want to be?
Why is it that every time a murder,robbery,or shooting happens,blacks are immediately to blame?
Why is it that everytime a terrorist attack happens it’s immediately pinned on muslims?
Why is it that anytime I step a foot outside I’m afraid of getting shot by the police?
Just because of my skin tone 
Just because I’m not white
This is one of societies many,MANY problems
I should not be afraid of every stranger that gets near me
I am a human being
We are all human beings
You might be black
You might be white,Mexican,Asian
But I respect you
I don’t care if you don’t respect me
I’m going to be the bigger person 
I’m not going to lie about what I believe in just so you can be my friend
Don’t let anyone 
Or anything
Change who you are
Or who you want to be
Do you wanna be a bigger voice and stick up for what you believe in?
Or are you gonna sit there and take the hate?
You decide

Copyright © Jazzy Williams