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Poetry Spell Check

To use PoetrySoup’s Free Online Spell Checker for Poetry, just copy and paste your poem or text into the text box and click the 'spell check' icon in the upper left corner of the text box. A pop-up will display, showing the poem, with any spelling errors highlighted. Within the pop-up you will see suggestions with the most likely choice for the misspelled work (or word not found in our dictionary). You may choose to ignore the highlighted word or select a correct spelling by choosing a suggested word and then click 'change' or 'change all'.

The Importance of Correct Spelling

Nothing undermines a piece of writing more than spelling errors - they make a piece difficult to read and can cause readers to doubt the writer's authority. Unfortunately, creative writing is mistaken for a license to dispense and ignore good grammar and correct spelling. These days, where most writings are done on social networks like Twitter- and Facebook, writers tend to think of good grammar and correct spelling as things of the past. In fact, try correcting a person’s spelling or grammar on a social site and see what happens. PoetrySoup still likes to view poetry as an area which requires writer’s knowledge of grammar and spelling. Lack of knowledge of grammar will show in the writer’s poems – as being amateurish. And as we all know, a spelling oversight not corrected, has a tendency to haunt in the future.

Spell check, edit, proof, and revise your poem. Perform the basics like spell and grammar check - if poetic liberties are not taken. Few artists are ever satisfied with their work. Never feel so attached to your own words that they are above revision. Allow it to grow.