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Filled Up to the Core

I feel empty inside
Don't know exactly why
I just want to hide
Somehow close my eyes and die

Somehow let go and die
I wonder to myself, why?
I feel like a worthless fly
I just feel the need to cry

Sweet, yet bitter and harsh as the windstorm
Swept off my feet, but I'm no quitter
Together, we are stronger than a bee swarm
Wept for so long in grief, a regretter

Follow me into the shadows of the deep
Remind me to not let go and make a leap
Mellow as the hollow drum beat once more
The mellow melodies of my heart is in store

You're in my vivacious, gracious view
Who knew I would love you...who knew…
Thank you for your lovely encouragement
You removed from me impure resentment

I'm vigorously trying to be happy in my withering skin
Gloriously glowing like a sunflower in the prairie of passionate bliss
Courageously crying aloud from deep down within
Victoriously glowing much like the efflorescent sunshine of happiness

Ah, sometimes, I feel like I've lost it all
Maybe someday, I'll feel like I'm happily tall
Give me a reason to move on from here
Wipe your tears and face your epic fear

Yeah, free your solace soul and rise above it all
Be with me for an eternity and catch me if I fall
Give me love from above and something more
I will give you something in return, I swore you're the one that I adore

Release me from horrendous sorrow
Give me another life to live for tomorrow
Sorry I've let you down oh so quickly
Sorry I've ruined your pride of equity

Oh, there are so many days and nights 
When I want to truly fight the good fights
Can you help me? Can you cure me?
Will you set me free from despondency

Free your tattered and torn, forlorning spirit of blues
Be gone from my sight - this massively miserable muse
That negativity will vanish from our zealous sight
As long as you return to me before the daylight

Anyways, I've been delighted to talk to you
About the many things that I've been through
Thank you for understanding honestly, but to be frank with you, 
I'd like to thank you for your lovingkindness, for I've been hard on myself too

Nightfall screams for me to give up all might
All day and night, and once again, it isn't alright
I will nott fall as long as you are by my side and abide there for life
As long as you remove the knife from my shaking hands of ugly strife

Wipe your tears and end it here - 
As we both hold each other dear
This dream of fatality is a nightmare…
But, fret not, for God is near to give us endless cheer

I've been delighted to talk to you lately
About the things I've conquered entirely
Thank you for your patience and kindness
I have been down and about, but now, I feel gladness from my heart to yours - God bless

Copyright © J.W. Earnings