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Sunday Evening Spree

I see people moving, but going nowhere
I see people moving with their hands thrown in the air
I see people moving but they have nothing to share
Bags and pans, old kettle, and old man
The scavenger, the messenger and old the van lingers
Curious, children hurrying along the pavement
Laughing and talking and singing a merry song
Clowns and babies adorn in uncivilized old clothes
Walking up and down the beaten old road 
With stuff toys in their hand while their mothers
And fathers gazed across the burnt out land
I watched other children running up and down the escalator 
Holding on to their mothers and grandmothers
They looked extremely happy but they were going nowhere
Everyone is moving around busily but going nowhere.
Big sports bag, big shirts, and boxes of tea
 And a bottle of vodka wrapped up in a towel hiding in the corner
 All kind of sport team comes to the threshing floor in search of their goal, a dream that could be or not to be
Nevertheless they are enjoying the Sunday evening spree
I see people moving but going nowhere, 
They are bursting to unravel their burden they are carrying inside
An overweight mad man has been prowling around
And making ugly faces at me and doing nasty things that bothers me
Sticking out his tongue and circle it around his lips
As if he desperately wanted a kiss
The dirt sticks to his flesh and the odor coming from him
Left a stinking smell around the little cemetery
He finally found a chance to get near me and I had to
Call the police to move him from around me
The police came but instead of providing security for me, the police start to interrogating me 
While the offender sits on the floor laughing at me 
I clenched my fist and took a deep breath
He volunteer to leave and the police ran quickly away from me
I see people moving but going nowhere,
They are shouting but no one is listening
The young men are running around with the ball
Glued to their shirts they are making long passes but they are not shooting  
The flights are coming and going and some people are dancing
They must have heard something significant on the news
That leaves some people surprised and the others confused
I look at the window above me and I saw the 
People on the other side whispering and pointing outside
As if they were about to take a plane ride
I see people moving but going nowhere
They are walking around in total despair
People carrying old trunks and old suitcase
And old scarf wrapped around their concrete face
They wrapped the violin and the harp in green plastic
And pile them on the carts that stood before them
The clothes they wear look out of date
 And they walk briskly across the wooden floor before they go through the door
Some looking totally confused
 And others were not so amused
I see people moving with old bags and old pan
They look the same way just like when the world began
Sold out bookings and sold out flights 
Is causing a great plight
The crowd keeps swelling and pouring in
Some people dressed in thin skin and all types of fashion
Kept pouring in, some look proper while others look improper
Plastic bag, paper bag and all types of bag bundled in their hands, hoping to go somewhere but they are not going anywhere
They wait for hours in long lines with a patience that is so divine, the flight came but they did not go anywhere
People are moving but going nowhere
I have been waiting for a flight from the tenth of June 
Because I had a plan to meet you at noon
With excess luggage and no cash in hand
Malfunction debit card and visa card
Everything has derailed my travel plans
Because I had no money in my hand
To continue my journey.
I am stranded at the Airport and I got caught up with the crowd
My luggage is beside me and my desires are burning up inside me
The help that I seek has crushed my zeal they pretended as if my ordeal is not real; they keep emailing and texting with no concrete plans on how I can leave the land.
These agonies have drained my energy and really make me feel unhappy
 They know what I want to continue my journey yet they keep asking the same question over and over again, which make me feel like a total mockery
Everybody is moving but going nowhere, everybody is moving but has nothing to share
They board the flight at night and return in broad daylight
Scores and scores of them taking the lift to heaven
Selling concessions to purchase lethal weapons.
They are fighting with all their might but they have
Nothing left inside, empty barrel and broken promises
They are moving but going nowhere, they are floating
Around like a clown desperately waiting to be crowned
But the crown is already won and it is in someone else’s hand
The food is sold out and tired staffs are drooping around
The cleaners and the door men cannot keep up with the toilet crowd, keeping it clean is beyond their open dream
Everyone is moving but no one is wining, the stakes are high for everything that is flying around in the sky. 
It is not yet time to say the final goodbye, 
You can hang around a little more and eat potatoes and fries .We will enjoy coffee, tea and cookies at night
I can see them bargaining on the wooden floor
 And I can hear them calling out for more
The numbers are running up and down and birds are bellowing in the trees with an urgent message for you to come and get me
I want you to come before it’s too late or we might not have the chance to go on that long awaited date, I am still burning up inside
And I can still hear you speaking on the other side
I can hear Jeremy shouting out questions at you
While the crowd waits desperately to hear you
Everyone awaits the house of common clash 
And I always look forward to that, while the speaker screams from his anxious seat at the noisy crowd to calm down.
I know that I am going to miss all of that as well as the nonsensical chat.
I don’t want to see you go, and I would be happy if you could look one more time in the book to see if there is one more recipe for you to cook. Pease and beans water and rum to stir the appetite, Haagen Dazs  ice-cream on the table will be fun
Garlic bread, seasoned lamb and baked ham will increase my appetite with much delight.
I am never in despair but I have so much inside that I want to share
I want to wake up and feel in control of my destiny
So that I can make everyone else happy.
Today is my day
Today is your day
Today is Sunday.

Copyright © Christine Phillips