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Somewhere In The Shadows

Somewhere in the shadows, shifting,
Midst the trees, a fleeting glimpse
I thought I saw something moving
As the mornings mist was lifting.

As the mist began to clear
A raucous echo filled the air,
'Twas a noisy, waking crow
Then I saw the grazing deer.

A gentle creature, unaware,
Enamoured I by such a scene,
In joyous rapture I looked on
It did not know that I was there.

An intruder though I felt in here
Staring at this graceful deer,
Yet it looked up and showed no fear,
Ne'er had heaven felt so near.

Entry for
Lines to Awaken your Muse Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Joseph may
Line 4, Robert Frost, "Whose woods these are I think I know"

Copyright © Gary Smith