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Journey to Hawaii

She travels a thousand miles,
to give birth to her calf.
Seeking warm water isles,
for her newborn's behalf.

From Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands,
the humpback whale journeys on.
Nature's conditions, she withstands.
seeking the glorious Hawaiian dawn.

It is time for her calf to come,
instinctively, she knows what to do.
She bids her newborn, a weary welcome.
Such is a mother's love, pure and true.

Protective of her innocent child,
this mom will nurture and guide.
Whether she is called to be fierce or mild,
she will remain at her little ones side.

This gentle giant of the sea,
lovingly embraces motherhood.
Yearning that her child be free,
that their ways be understood.

In February, the time is right,
on a boat ride in Hawaii, you may see.
A wonderous and amazing sight,
alongside your boat, they may be.

Copyright © Sandra Weiss