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The Prophet

The Imam of the way of life, calls of prayer,
Traverses from the tower, to reach all ears,
Men in worldly activities, momentary – engrossed,
Set themselves free, to a transitory stop.

In reverence, all and one, orient them to the land,
Where the last prophet of God, discoursed on parched sand,
Adam, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus all converge in a path,
For the vision of Gabriel, and revelations, no mirth;

Complete surrender visions life, to one illiterate of script,
With the magical touch of an angel, put messengers fear to sleep,
The creator of humankind, bestowed in him thoughts,
The creation of Adam, from a blood clot;

The disgrace shall disappear, by the Allah’s will,
Immerse yourself in good, for kith and kin your feel,
Serve your guests generously, and help the destitute,
For it is the same angel of Moses, who protects the secret truth;

“May peace be upon them”, the world echoes in faith, good,
To transgress humanity, into “Universal Brotherhood”;

Copyright © Pradipta Roy Choudhury