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Skipping Pebbles

Have you woken up by a river?
One within the forbidden woods.
A tent, for two. Sleeping bags.
The stream, rushing over golden sand.
I could hear the trees breathing,
The psithurism, the birds.
I skipped a pebble, watched you do it too.
Fishing, when you preferred being a vegan.
Etching your name on the boulders,
Whilst the brontide masked the twilight.
The mist, one that made you vanish.
I missed the sun, but not as much as you do.
The peiskos while I poked the marshmallows.
The beverage on a cold evening,
One that ran down your spine.
Our mutual redamancy, one so sacred.
I crave for the day, when you return.
I crave for the day, when I build a tent for you.
A tent by the river, just for us two.
My sister, come back soon.
So, have you woken up by a river?
I know I haven't yet.

Copyright © Ross Clavewood