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Written By: D. Collins 4/17/19
He can't veto impeachment nor even pardon it.
The walls are closing in, from where I sit.
Surrounding himself with Do-Boys still won't work.
"Strong Things are Coming Out," revealing all the dirt.
Being in cahoots with the A.G. just ain't right.
But, if he's a Do-Boy, that bond is really tight.
He's got Do-Boy Jordan over in the House.
And, quite a few in the Senate, without a doubt.
Do-Boys vow to give up all ethics and morals.
Then, drive home to Virginia like this is normal.
What they think is over, is just getting started.
'Cause we're that much closer to snatching their power.
Do-Boys are no different than what was called Yes-Men.
But, common sense may come back to bite them in the end.
Because "We The People" are going to take all of it back.
The old, white, toupée people just ain't where its at.

Copyright © Darrell Collins