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Passion of the heart

I see something within something,
That's been unrecognized?
You've been cut so deep all that's, 
Lift is the scars to be healed?
You have so much passion in you, 
I see this everywhere, it's written all, 
Over you like ink that leaves a tattoo? 

Yes I know your pain is real feels, 
Like your heart is shredded into, 
A thousand pieces as you feel like, 
You will never recover? 
One day all the pain you feel, 
"Right now" will go aways you will, 
No longer hurt you'll be free and learn, 
To love again, feel again, most of all, 
Have peaces within your soul? 
If you shall cry it will be alright it's tears, 
Of feelings that been over looked? 

Copyright © Gail Holder