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something for ya

because you are best
                             and great they consider you
                                       your talents
                                    your worthiness
                             this makes these things true
                                   beyond magnificent
                                 well beyond wonderful
                                you are best of the best
                                   great and admiral
                                    valued and best
                               in all classes they speak 
                                           of you
                              marvelous and fabulous too
                                 then it is your kingdom
                                  you reign supreme
                              a nightmare in opposition
                                  to that special one
                                  a glamorous dream
                                   platinum privilege
                                  and a gold standard
                                silver lined appreciation
                              what else would you think
                                      above all others
                                   theirs known like you
                                      best of the best
                                   greatest in everything
                                              you do!

what words spoken tunes by
 honored men : valor describes there tune 
to entertain the thoughts
 fair and righteous too !
. grasping  calls for  righteousness, is true, 
trumpets sound to hear it 
 strings with lyrics speak this too!
 ye men of valor sing us,
 a gracious trust they do,
 beyond the nights with  woman,
 each man stands honest and true
speak him as honored,
 best at what he do!
instruments and lyrics,
 the song just right  for you!
best,and honored : magnificent.
fabulous is you,
 best of  best in mention
honored and true
noteworthy your value,
 it speaks a lot for you
kindhearted spirt,
 the best at what you do !

Copyright © Allan Terry