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Poetry Forum. A poetry forum dedicated strictly to poetry. Poets can use this poetry forum for poetry workshops, sharing poetic techniques, discussing aspects of poetry, poetry publishing, and the poetry industry. Poetry forum members can enter poetry contests, post poems, and participate in the #1 poetry community on the internet.

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7/21/2017 7:30:49 AM
Have fun and keep PoetrySoup a haven.

Dave Timperley
Posts: 3
I have just spent a very pleasant hour on the friends builder site only to have it marred by foul language that didn't add to the poetry presented. I have enough trouble with this sort of thing on Facebook. I do hope that The Soup is not going to open the floodgates as well.
7/20/2017 2:07:29 PM
Posting pictures from my laptop

Tiana Tolbert
Posts: 1
I want to know to!!!!!!!!!
7/20/2017 9:20:14 AM
Let Loose Your Words of Critique

Tommy Allen
Posts: 1
Give into pure thought, I'll entice you a spell,
Extracted from fear, fear my own hell.
The trees, they fall, the air, it drowns,
From beasts of skin, these earth-dwelling clowns.
Stuck in my mind,
Thoughts confined,
Of a life lived purely; a being redefined.
So I slip on my thought cap,
A brain full of tears,
To express all my feelings,
Few cheers - no cheers,
Jeers, the jeers.

The savagery of melancholy,
Befits of thee, a contrast to me!
Diluted eyes make everything fine,
Even through qualms,
Of spilled red wine.
If wine be thine own,
Yourself to condone,
For the seeds of pain already be sown.
No nature to blame,
Your soul to shame!
For life is more than only a game.
Blow your head off with solemn conviction,
Nought was heard save one conniption,
A cry to thy god,
A blatant ophidian.

A human unfit of a life coexistent,
Fear of slipping, running so distant.
Human, none of nature,
Just a foul spirit, a damnable creature.
O cruel confinement, I so wish I could live,
In a tale of nature,
True, righteous existence to give.
But such is the fate of all human being,
Of a life of eyes, prone to not seeing,
Seeing the pain of mother nature's tears,
For shame to you all,
You have become your own fears.


This is my first poem published to PoetrySoup. I'm searching for some harsh words to improve my works, and motivate me to create art in the realm of literature to the best of my ability. I am 15 years old and find English classes to be simple and disengaging.
7/20/2017 3:16:31 AM
(Film/Cartoon) Animated Poems

Milburn Aliff
Posts: 1
Even I have the same issue, please help me the same.

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7/19/2017 1:58:22 AM
Feedback on poem

key Keller
Posts: 5
Thank you for your suggestions, Bob. They are much appreciated. I tried to space the poem as well but it stays up at the top for some reason..
7/18/2017 2:52:02 PM
Hosting a Contest

Kevin Shaw
Posts: 6
Can anyone tell me how to host a poetry contest. I can't seem to find anything, thanks
7/18/2017 9:46:37 AM
Feedback on poem

Bob Atkinson
Posts: 210
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }

Should I have known IT would all end like this?
All would BE dream but for THE miss of your kiss
THE dance THAT we shared in this transcendent dream
became all THAT IT WAS for all IT would seem,
but this WAS not simply ignorance that would serve as sweet bliss
No this WAS our minds finding bliss in a kiss
And now
I find myself, wanting
and those dreams forbid me wake
dreams THAT cannot be, become haunting
and while your memory dances
My heart aches
7/18/2017 5:57:18 AM
Need Help

leonae gonzales
Posts: 1
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7/17/2017 10:55:35 PM
Feedback on poem

key Keller
Posts: 5
I would appreciate any feedback anyone would feel kind enough to give. Good or bad. It's all appreciated. Thanks.
7/17/2017 10:54:13 PM
Feedback on poem

key Keller
Posts: 5
Our hearts cry for an end to this
This dance in a dream, this lingering kiss
Ignorance would not serve as such sweet bliss
Or so, all would seem
But still
I find myself, wanting
and this dream forbid me wake
Unfulfilled, my dreams come haunting
because of you
My heart must ache
But eyes must open
dreams must end
yet into fate's fire, again and again
I cast myself
to burn for this sin
that is you

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edited by Mousey T. on 7/19/2017
7/16/2017 9:01:41 PM
Please step by step to have my poem critiqued

Martin Di Maria
Posts: 1
Please step by step to have my poem critiqued ...Please feel free to explain as if I am very slow with this forum computers! thank you!
7/16/2017 6:15:25 PM
Hi poet tree peeps...I just joined yesterday...

Mark Hurlin Shelton
Posts: 1
Hi there, I wrote a BIO, but saw nowhere to post it, so heres my story...
Mark Hurlin Shelton is a Poet from Cape Town South Africa, born in October 1967. He was raised by his grandparents in Three Anchor Bay, near Sea Point, where he attended his first schools: Ellerton Primary and Sea Point Boys Primary. His childhood gave him a sad start,his parents separated before he turned four, his father died when he was five and a few months later his mother left town to seek acting work in Johannesburg,not returning for five years.Raised by his grandparents,his family were pretty dysfunctional and when he was twelve years old he went to stay at St Johns Hostel, a home for boys. After matriculating at Rosebank House College,,He studied for three years toward a BA Social Science degree, at the University of Cape Town, majoring in Philosophy, but did not complete it ,after an emotional break up with his first love,he suffered a breakdown and sought therapy, planning to resume his studies,but in the interim received an army call up--this he evaded by flying to Europe where he spent the better part of four years backpacking and working around Europe and the Middle East.,...In Europe he worked as a dishwasher, factory worker. movie extra, street busker, fruit-picker, flower bulb packager, care worker, and generaL labourer to help finance his travels through 23 countries. After returning to South Africa he embarked on a career as a Childrens Entertainer, which he has continued for more than two decades. When Mark was 29 years old he was diagnosed with untreated Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, something that is very real and causes a great deal of challenges and difficulties, but is also a blessing, since many people with ADhD are always trying new things and have quite exciting and adventurous albeit complicated lives. More recently Mark taught TEFL/TESOL English for a year in South East Asia. After getting in trouble for a visa overstay, Mark spent two months and twelve days in a Thai Detention Centre, before being flown home to South Africa. Mark is a survivor. In 2006, He was violently attacked in his home in an armed robbery in which he was stabbed with a pitchfork, which fortunately for him was far blunter than it looked...his attacker also attempted to throw battery acid at his face, this he protected with his arm, which was severely scarred, but completely saved his face. Mark does not consider himself a victim , but a survivor. Mark believes that despite his ordeals that God's hand has been on him and that Hehas a beautiful plan for Mark's life. Just in case the reader thought at any stage that life couldn't get more weird, crazy adventurous and wonderful, when Mark was forty-two years old while researching his grandmothers family tree, he discovered that he was actually Jewish. Life is funny wonderful, painful, beautiful, amazing and sad, a rollercoaster ride. Mark gives thanks to God and does his best to be positive and get on with it. For a living, for over two decades , Mark has been a children's entertainer by trade, a kid's comedian, smilemaker, juggler and balloon artist, a job that he loves that has brought him immense joy. As a poet Mark has been writing since his childhood and has written many hundreds of poems,as well as songs which he sings and plays on guitar. He loves travelling and has to date visited over 40 countries. His brain is always buzzing and busy with too many interests. He seldom ever feels bored. . In 1999 in Yeoville Johannesburg Mark met and became friends with the celebrated South African poet, Sinclair Beiles, who reviewed a selection of his poetry...Sinclair then wrote the following prologue for Mark"s poems...entitled "These Songs" .It reads as follows: THESE SONGS by Sinclair Beiles These are songs of wise observations Made in a spirit of innocence and love They are both for the old and the young For those who have poetry in their souls In these everyone can find the best moments of themselves. Signed: Sinclair Beiles ( Winner of the Ingrid Jonker memorial prize for poetry) Life is an unfinished business, a journey, not a destination, and its Mark"s dream to get his poetry published and recognised. He WILL.
7/16/2017 2:34:11 PM
The child I never had

Joseph Vigil
Posts: 7
The child I never had

Brighter than stars, are a baby's eyes.
But you're eyes are special.
They glow with a love and a brilliance unmatched, because you are truly the product of love.

Softer than clouds, is a baby's skin.
But your skin is special.
It's the perfect blend of fair and olive.
As soft as a whisper, and as pure as love itself.

Warmer than the sun, is a baby's promise.
But you are special.
You are loved more than you can ever imagine, by parents who will always support you in everything you choose.
The bright stars and the grapefruit moon will shine on you forever.
And if you asked for the moon we would give it to you.
7/15/2017 9:56:50 PM
it has something to do with a generation of people

liv dawson
Posts: 1
The poem is really long and I'm not sure if it's really a poem. I saw it on tumblr one time, and it was long and it had three parts, the third part was kinda weird and kept repeating something. It talked about riots and things like that? I would love to find it so if you know what it's called tell me please.
7/15/2017 7:07:18 PM
Lake Cliffs of Erie

keith osborne
Posts: 31
Lake Cliffs of Erie

Standing on the edge of a cliff

toking a smooth fat spliff

waiting to catch sight of a skiff

Floating it's way on by

Watching the majestic girl soar

no longer a beast of lore

wish for increasingly more

She passes a look on the fly

Brown with white head and tail

power that will never fail

enchanting how she sets sail

Makes me start to cry

Bounding stag hidden by ivied hoods

sneaky 'lil squirrel dashing with his goods

amber kits darting through the boxwoods

Violet western sun in the sky
edited by hempleaves13 on 7/15/2017
7/15/2017 9:56:20 AM

Angela Poppert
Posts: 1
Hello my name is Angela Poppert poetry has been a passion of mine since I was a young child I am looking to publish books with a great publisher as stated poetry is definetly a part of who I am
7/15/2017 9:01:35 AM
I'd like some feedback please. Thanks

Joseph Vigil
Posts: 7
Absloutly wonderful! I can feel every word. I believe the greatest thing a poet can do is move someone with their words. You my friend, have moved me profoundly.
7/15/2017 8:57:16 AM

Joseph Vigil
Posts: 7
Welcome to poetry soup.
7/14/2017 10:53:03 PM
Good self publishing site.

Wayne Kingston
Posts: 4
Amazon provides a service: CreateSpace. This service is readily available for assisted or self-publishing. The cost is phenomenally low and the results are a professional quality book immediately available for sale on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble. Kindle versions are also a possibility. Marketing is a universal problem so that nut you'll have to crack yourself most likely depending on your budget. C h e c k i t o u t.
7/14/2017 7:41:27 AM

juma sharif
Posts: 1
hey,assalam aleikum-peace be upon to you all,am a new member here

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