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10/23/2017 11:02:50 AM
Introduce myself

Don B Cameron
Posts: 1
I am new to Poetry Soup but I have known from an early age that I can write rhymes and produce content that entertains. Poetry has never been a focus in my life and I have never expanded my knowledge of poetic methods and forms so I come to Poetry Soup ready to commit more time to the craft, learn about it, share what talent I have and to benefit from any criticism that comes
10/23/2017 4:44:19 AM
Why, and who are you writing for

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
I am writing for people I love)
10/23/2017 4:43:50 AM
Knowing more about poetry and its forms...

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
ohhh, thanks a lot for the information)
10/23/2017 4:43:13 AM
How important is rhyming?

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
As for me, it is really important
10/23/2017 4:42:00 AM
Question on Poetry Type

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
Not bad at all
10/23/2017 4:38:03 AM
writting poetry

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
That is pretty interesting thought) I like the way you are thinking) Thanks a lot)
10/23/2017 4:36:32 AM
How Do I Remove A Photo?

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
In profile settings
10/23/2017 4:35:35 AM
New Poetry Soup

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
Ohhh that is so beautiful)
10/23/2017 4:35:04 AM
Introduce myself

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
I like writing, that is even my proffesion, but I can write only prose, not poetry, and I have a great wish to write poems)))
10/23/2017 4:33:55 AM
Back after a Break

Alyssa Tallent
Posts: 10
Ohhh, that is fantastic) where can I read your works? Or only here?
10/23/2017 12:32:46 AM

Maryann Minkler
Posts: 2
I like it but I think you should learn where to cut off your lines a bit better.
Other than that, reminds me of a teen angst poem, which I love.
10/22/2017 11:15:53 AM
My Auntie Lou knits cardigans

Jo Scurry
Posts: 1
This is the first line of a poem my daughter learned for her Lamda exam... anyone know it?
10/22/2017 9:49:56 AM

Himanshu Dixit
Posts: 1
... Mehnat....
Tum jo ye pdh rhe ho ise padho nhi socho...

Is andhere me rhna teri bhle takdeer ho pr teri mehnat ko sooraj ka sawera chahiye...
Is smy teri bhle dhumil pdi tasweer ho pr teri mehnat ko khwabo ki bulandi chahiye.

Tu parishram kr k kismat ko bhi apni mod de...
Mn me socha hone ka sapna sajona chor de...
Khwabo ki duniya se ab tu uth or bahar nikal...
Kr nirantar shram shwaym ko hone na de tu vifal...
Hai vifalta safalta ka phla kdm tu jaan le...
Apni manzil tk pahuchne ki tu mn me than le.
Barish me jb aam pakshi apna asra dhundhta h.
Mushkilo ko paar kr baaj megho k upar udta h...
Hr raah me katein bichane ko milenge saikdo...
Pr mn ko rkho drid hatao muskile age bdho...
In mushkilo ki raah ko ydi paar tu kr jaega....
Sansaar ki uchi se uchi hr bulandi paega.....
10/21/2017 7:00:34 PM

Samara Khasru
Posts: 2
Stupid and Worthless,
Sadness and Anger welling
up inside me,
unable to think
and form thoughts.
Keep on crying,
crying for your heart,
crying for the person
you once knew.
“Who Am I?”
“Do I Belong?”
“What Do I Want?”
These are questions
of the Mind,
full of curiosity and wonder,
and Heart,
full of Sadness, Anger, and Fear.
I ask myself,
“Am I Doing Anything Right?”
10/21/2017 5:34:55 PM
Introduce myself

Samara Khasru
Posts: 2
Hello, I'm new here and I submitted my first poem today. I am new at writing poetry. It's actually my first time writing poetry that isn't for school. I would like it if you guys read my poem and gave me some tips. I do like writing and I want to get better at it.
10/20/2017 11:48:45 PM

key Keller
Posts: 21
Mysterious mischief
Had me stranded up stream
My mind had slowly drifted
and faded into dream
Shades of purple circles
led like stairs up to the sun
Spools of distant memory
became unraveled and undone
The daylight star
shined it's warmth upon my face
Remembering my love's past
our last loving embrace
I know it is just dream
but oh how much it still means
to me
edited by Mousey T. on 10/21/2017
10/20/2017 11:00:37 AM
Untitled Love Poem No.1 critique

Alex Gurtis
Posts: 1
At Twilight, I sit on the park bench watching phantoms materialize,
hands interlocked with clandestine lovers
vanish, cloaked in the purple sky and the brush.
The park is alive with the music of intimacy.

Those in love with love, in love with world peace,
the tranquility of passion reciprocated.

Static electric lips in the dark trace
their movements within the free-flowing form of Cicada Symphony No. 8,

Actions that mirror the crescendo of the Coquis choir.
Actions that reach a fevered pitch as I see you beneath the summer trees.
Actions that achieve a fevered pitch as my lips melt into yours and

the Stygian stars around us twinkle eternal truths and dance,
leaving the park nuanced in lightless romance.

I am in love with love, in love with lovers loving, in love with world peace,
the tranquility of passion reciprocated by you.


At Twilight, I sit on the park bench searching for you
as the apparitions of my past seep back into their graves leaving me a free man,
and in each other, we find our
nouveau départ.

For we are in love with love, in love with lovers loving, in love with world peace, the tranquility of our passion reciprocated by
one another.
10/20/2017 12:18:24 AM
A New Poet

Ernest Robles
Posts: 6
Hello Everyone. I am not a new poet. I first started writing prose almost before I could write. So much strangeness in between chidhood and adulthood (I say, "Adults are Dead Children). Any-hoo.
I have been a rather small long-time member. My every moment consumed by writing -- asking forgiveness to you here in this Century.
10/19/2017 4:47:41 PM
High Critique

Lanaia Lee
Posts: 1
stay true to yourself write what is in your heart that way you will put passion into your work
10/19/2017 2:27:52 PM
Language of the Sea

Carlise Hill
Posts: 1
There is a great longing when I look to the sea,
Like I've missed out on my calling and my true destiny.
In the crashing of the waves, I can hear a great sadness,
Leaving me to contemplate a life that ends in madness.
The language of the deep whispers to my virgin ear,
Yet there are no words in the conversation I can hear.
The salt spray that is lifted upon a foreign breeze,
Reaches out to greet my face and lightly kiss my cheeks.
I long to surrender, to leave this earthly plane.
To leave behind the markings of my guilt and this shame.
And as if in answer to this most desperate plea,
A migty wave rolls in at once to sweep me off my feet.
The waters are much colder than any icy, winters chill,
And so much darker than any endless night could fulfill.
I fear not the end though, as my body begs release,
I am one with my ocean and I am finally at peace.

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