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7/22/2018 7:20:53 PM
Sonnet for contest

J P Marmaro
Posts: 2
Hi: I wrote this sonnet for Mark Massey's Your Finest 2018 Sonnet Contest:

Relentless Time

When very young, we blindly may dismiss
Our elders’ admonitions about Time,
Or future grief or pain, for in that bliss
Who recks of illness, death, mischance, or crime?

And in our prime, with life’s distracting needs,
With open, seeing eyes, we still are blind:
We go our ways, and yet, while Time proceeds,
The passing hours are rarely brought to mind.

But when we're spared into our elder years,
We recognize the truth we used to mock:
That whether youth was fraught with joy or tears,
There is no hope of winding back the clock.

Use well the days, because with every breath,
Relentless Time will sweep us all toward death.

Your comments or critiques would be welcome.
edited by jpmarmaro on 7/22/2018
edited by jpmarmaro on 7/22/2018
7/20/2018 5:55:23 AM
Favourite Quotes

Bryan Clifford
Posts: 1
"The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't always spoil the good things and make them unimportant."
7/19/2018 6:55:44 AM
Finding aaa poem

Lynn Hawkins
Posts: 1
Hi All
I am looking for an Australian drought monologe about a little girl who takes her umbrella to a mass to pray for rain in an Austalian out back town. I think it is called Janes Umbrella, but I do not know trhe author and can find no mention of ti anywhere else. Can anyone help please?
7/16/2018 12:55:18 AM

Gregory R Barden
Posts: 21
Goodness, no, (would be my reply) ... poetry, like Art, Music, etc., is a CREATIVE endeavor, and as such is completely up to the wit and whimsy of the writer. I have only been writing two years, but I write sci-fi, dark, sensual, joyous, spiritual, political, societal, personal experience, and much more, but IMAGINATION is always a key element, as I like to use words and phrases in new ways, (that still make sense). It has never even occurred to me that I should only write factual-based content, as most of the great poets that came before us did NOT do so. Most of the greats used personal experience and wisdom to temper and color their writing, but most of what they wrote was either fiction or highly "colored" by their imagination. I love to write with layers and ambiguity, and while I generally intimate if something is factual to ME, it's up to the reader to take whatever they wish or feel or see from the piece presented. This poetry thing, for me, is about EMOTION, and if I only wrote about completely factual things, well, what good is that?? I'd run out of things to write about very quickly, and the elements of imagination, mystery, ambiguity, interpretation, feelings, perspective, and just the plain artistry of poems, would all be lost. Take poetry for how it HITS you - how it makes you FEEL, not what you THINK the poet meant, or whether or not it's all facts. That is putting boundaries and constraints on Art, and I see little good in that. One guy's humble opinion, and I hope my work speaks for me in this regard. Blessings! :-)
7/15/2018 5:44:10 AM

sand blown
Posts: 3

dreams of rest
that are bequest
good fortunes on the mile
old english (that final wish)
a cause for one to smile
for what hath naught time forgot
but for script of pen on page
from then till now
this time of trick
and dreams of when
(that ads do send)
taken with a smile
these times of old
warm or cold
are debt
but for the while
7/15/2018 2:25:29 AM

sand blown
Posts: 3
seems as good a place as any to stop
say "hi-lo", cast a muddling of words
smoke, drink..........now and again.
7/14/2018 3:19:42 AM
Lonely in this World I Stand

Stenila Simon
Posts: 3
By the way, sorry the formatting turned out weirdly spaced out!
7/14/2018 3:17:55 AM
Lonely in this World I Stand

Stenila Simon
Posts: 3
Guard my eyes from evil, Lord
Keep my ears from lies of old.

Help me speak Your truth and love

Tie my heart to Thine above.

Lonely in this world I stand

Longing for a helping hand.

Darkness fills the hearts of men

Like Daniel in a lions den,

I lay my trust in Thee alone

And all my troubles at Your throne.

Keep my heart from sin's desire

Cleanse me in Your flames of fire.

Lead me down the narrow path

Show me treasures heaven hath.

Lonely in this world I stand

Longing for the promised land.

Love, no longer seeking here

For perfect love doth cast out fear

And hereby in this love I dwell

That guards me in this passing hell.

[This is a Christian poem I wrote about the loneliness a child of God often feels during their journey. Hope you guys feel free to leave some feedback!]
edited by stenila on 7/14/2018
7/14/2018 3:12:53 AM
Please crit

Stenila Simon
Posts: 3
First of all, my condolences on your loss. You've conveyed the raw emotions through your words! They're simple, no fluffy language. If I would have anything to suggest just be careful with the syntax, like a few instances where two words didn't have a space between them (thisearth, asthere, etc).
7/10/2018 6:05:33 AM
Please crit

Posts: 2
If only I had thecourage…

Constantia Clinic, 16December,
A day forever to beremembered.
You last day on thisearth,
It was only twentymonths and a bit since your day of birth.
Now today six monthslater I am staring at the ceiling,
Seeking a way out, asthere is no healing
I can cry for a hundredyears,
You won’t be comingback, no matter my tears.
How do I hold onwithout letting go?
I am a coward, butthe world don’t know.
Why did you have toleave?
I want to follow youbut I am too weak!
It is just too hardto live my life again,
If only I had thecourage; I would put my story to an end

While typing thesewords, I was sitting, crying in my daughter’s room. I was inconsolable. Themotion sensor lights switched off, the room was in complete darkness. If onlylife was that easy; your light switch off if you don’t want to live life. Then Iwon’t need any courage…
7/10/2018 4:23:18 AM

Fatin Zaini
Posts: 1
It's freezing cold
Pretty clouds seeping through my parted lips

Lacing my fingers together

Making it a little prison

'It's too cold today', sighing

To breathe is a chore

And the records have shown

The snow penetrated deep underneath the white earth

It is the sign of my loneliness

As the colds creep into my bones

I have lost my voice

Love, please sing me a lullaby

Let me forget my woes and the dark places

Forgive me for wanting a little bit of peace

Have I made the wrong decisions?

Life has made me so worn out

And I run to the highest mountain

But this world is still freezing cold
edited by qvee on 7/11/2018
7/9/2018 11:11:36 AM
Poll Question: Featured Poetic Forms...

jack belck
Posts: 12
Might focus, not on form, but on content, and not the usual. Skip writing easy stuff about love, grief, loss and solicit poems on, say, deceit, envy, bravery and sacrifice. This would avoid a flood of greeting card verse.
7/9/2018 9:03:58 AM
Love Drive all Fears Away

Posts: 2
The birth of my princess, the dawn of a fairytale story,
My kingdom complete and basking in God's glory.
Schylar Rose you were named, our happiness, our joy.
A beautiful daughter to us, a little sister to our boy.
Only 995 grams at birth were your weight,
A tiny girl, but in God we had faith.
... But suddenly dysmorphic features were found
Our joy came crashing down!
Admitted into hospital, test after test,
An irregular heartbeat in your chest!
But God's words state, "love drives all fears away"
Therefor we dare not fear, yet life was only expected for days.
Our prayers grew stronger, "God, please protect her through this storm"
God answered "she will go home two months after she was born"
Our little knight seeing for the first time his sister,
"Daddy, I like her" he softly whispered.
7/8/2018 3:37:26 PM

jack belck
Posts: 12
The poem actually begins with "Those who cannot accept loneliness" but then ties it to accepting death, a rather odd swerve away from the subject. This might be far more powerful and useful if it offered

suggestions for coping rather than dwelling on accumulated horrors.
7/8/2018 1:50:07 PM
Please critique- my greatest regret

Ren Mills
Posts: 1
Hey, this is one of my first poems I've written in a long time. It was originally for a competition for my local bookshop but the category was birthdays and this doesn't have anything to do with birthdays. Anyway please read this until the end and leave me some feedback

When was the last time I ate a meal?

I lay in bed, contemplating what is real,

Crying myself to sleep, wanting to be done,

I want my last moment to finally come.

My arms have been cut up so many times,

And I mask what I have done with made up lies,

He has his hands wrapped tightly around my neck,

Knowing that when he is done, I will be left a wreck.

He told me once that nobody cared for me,

And his words made it so easy for me to believe,

“I’m here for you,” are empty words that they all say

Because I am discredited, judged and mocked every day

This life I am living is an absolute disaster,

And it is slipping away faster and faster,

I cannot even picture myself in ten years’ time,

Now I know all I need to do is curl up and die.

I became reckless, I’ve said my goodbyes,

Suicide is something that slips in my mind

He whispers it in my ear, repeating it over,

And he is the one that has made me a pushover.

He’s convinced me, I will stop my breathing!

I know many methods to halt this organ beating,

I will end my life, once and for all,

And he will never have to taunt me anymore.

I will overdose on my medication,

For the first time in years, I have this motivation,

One pill, two pills, three pills and more,

I fall, barely breathing, on my bedroom floor.

The door swings open and I hear a shriek and a cry

They pick up my body and scream at me “why?”

She is sobbing and yelling for someone to get help,

And only now I realise I can comprehend what she would’ve felt.

What have I done?

If I was to relive my life, I would re-write this poem and make a few changes,

Yea my life is a disaster but I didn’t think to turn the pages,

I can picture myself in ten years’ time,

And ending my life was my one and only crime,

Because he was wrong, she cared for me when I thought nobody else did,

And I could meet more people, ditch the ones who were never good,

Because if I was to re-do everything again,

Then I will actually live my life to its full extent.
7/8/2018 3:16:11 AM

Virginia Waters10
Posts: 6
I would always appreciate the courtesy of knowing whether fiction or fact, Otherwise on feels taken in.
7/7/2018 3:04:22 PM

B Nhlakanipho Fortune Sikhakhane
Posts: 1
Hi poets, I've been writing poems since from 2014, i am new in this field i hope i will enjoy.
7/5/2018 7:47:12 AM
Acrostic - Please Critique

Gabi May
Posts: 1
Mydearest love, why do you cry in the morning?
Are the sharp rays of light hurting your eyes?
Remember times when we were young, spry, full of life?
Recollections of shadows of yourself,
It pains me to watch every day.
Are you weary of the morning light, once which brought you
Great joy, and optimistic dreams of the future,
Exalted excitement on a rainy weekend?
Is that all dust in the wind now?
Softness that once brought safety and comfort,
All you ever yearned for back then,
Suffocates you, you grow restless and
Cry in the morning light, your tears
Are dust suspended in harsh rays, like us.
My dearest love, have we made a mistake?
7/4/2018 3:57:35 PM

Martin Pretorius
Posts: 2
I'm from South Africa and an Indigenous Poet who writes about our way of life. My style is Conversational and Confrontational. I speak out about the way we as First Nation People are being treated currently and in the past. I reside in the beautiful Cape Town area and recently found I could write poetry about what matters and what goes through my mind.
edited by Korana Poet on 7/4/2018
edited by Korana Poet on 7/4/2018
7/4/2018 3:52:00 PM

Martin Pretorius
Posts: 2
Sorry, I'm the new kid on this Blog, hehehe.

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