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A Grand Experiment

To a world of darkness, of brawling, of territorial fights
  came a moment of clarity, dawned a new light

A grand experiment, daring beyond all comprehension
  which could have exacerbated underlying tensions

But it found firm footing, and despite imperfections
  there arose a new nation after seven years of insurrection

A place where a man could upgrade his station in life
  and a revolution's pen was as sharp as a hunter's knife

A land to roam, to explore, to cultivate
  A land of mountains, forests, and plains so great

With a wilderness untamed, and where rivers breathed free
  Where you could assert you, and I could become me

Yet alack and alas, the land's bright promise has faded
  midst darkness and brawling and descendants become jaded

And now America's a nation, very much like the others
  where no man is your brother and sons turn on their mothers

Copyright © Gershon Wolf