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The Divine Tides

I welcome your winds, these triumphant storms. 
The gleeful cries of the mother who mourned.
Winds carry my soul as I cheer with thunderstorms.
Quickly I shall ride on the fields once scorned.

Creation flits upon Demeter’s song.
New life, a chorus filling lands once dead.
Songs so divine lure Helios along.
Twas Persephone so pure he had glimpsed.

Your gales hold songs filled with a mother’s love.
Yet as spring gallops from your bold embrace.
Chasing winter with the call of the dove.
Autumn comes forth from Orpheus’s staircase.

So shall the seasons shift, as do the tides.
For now I relish in all she provides. 

March 5th 2021, Breath of Spring Poetry Contest, Sponsored by Regina McIntosh

Copyright © June Adkins