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Water monkeys

Water monkeys

Monkeys jump on all the rocks
And as the water flows, neither can stop
Because like water, the monkey knows,
That if it stops, it will be gone.
The water would evaporate
And if the monkey slips, it would be too late.

The water monkey is clean at heart.
In deepest rivers it would fall so far,
That it would never see life again;
But in the stream it can happily play all day.

So without fear the monkey leaps!
And into the stream it splashes with a scream.
A yell of delight, under scorching sunlight;
A place to relax, just like,
The hot spring Snow Monkeys do,
Under the moonlight.

Their sauna home in a place so cold,
Is Pleasantville, to the monkey mind.
A place to go and chill, 
When you want a place to hide; or you need a place to go.
The hot spring pools over which there falls endless flakes of snow.
It falls down onto their heads and their ears,
But the monkey does not mind,
For they are relaxing in the hot pools,
Like they have done for many a year.

No enemies in this place of peace,
But the river monkey does not know of a peace like this,
So as he splashes in his streams,
He keeps his head above the water,
Listening out for any enemies.

This is a tale about some water monkeys…
The water monkeys I have seen, on my T.V.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey