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How A Tear Begins To Fall

So funny how a tear begins to fall
              From deep within, a well of sadness
festers to the brim

The thoughts of what there is to come,
when frightened or alone,
                    can turn even the gentle breeze
into a cold, distant wind

Sometimes, through all the tears,
                       its just so hard to see the way
Once crystal clear, the clouds get in
                                  and muddle every step

Oh, sun when will you shine forever
without fear
            that darkness will abound despite my
fervent prayer

So funny how a tear begins to fall
                          A song, a glance, a memory
they all seem to conspire

And so, I will cry and I will think
but then I’ll remember that I’m never
                     really alone and I will be alright
and I will thrive

Copyright © Mike Gentile