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Muskrat Love

                         MUSKRAT LOVE

                    I will always remember
                that cold night in December
                  in a club with disco music.
             Our bodies swinged to the music.
                  And so three months later,
                      we moved in together.
                      You were an early bird,
                      and I was a late bird.
               You cooked while I was in bed
              and served me breakfast in bed.
                 with "Muskrat Love" playing,
                      giving me good loving.
                        I was a June bride,
                      full of love and pride. 
                   Your addiction to alcohol
                 had gotten so out of control.
            Our love could not hold us together.
               Living separate would be better.
                 We kissed and said goodbyes
                   crying, tears filled our eyes
           for we were in love deep in our hearts 
            and the separation broke our hearts.

                Our children represent our love
               and remind me my Muskrat Love.

10/21/20       From The Heart          Regina McIntosh  


Copyright © Marilene Evans