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How love takes ownership with
a single kiss, 
a sigh, a movement into a world of sensuous bliss,
Your softness of skin speaks a language anew,
the warmth of your body wraps me as you pull me close to you,
and lips explore the contours with eyes closed, 
like the mind is lost to lust and is with love overdosed,
Every moment is a slice of heaven as we explore,
deeper and deeper into our own depthless vision of love,
The flow of passion sweeps across like untempered forest fire,
In that dim lit corridor our bodies provide the only glow,
One may stop a seething ocean wave but none can stop this passion flow,
it is you and me our desires as the ocean winds roar,
Fluttering silky white curtains at our bodies to explore,
the absolute marvel of creation that is unhindered love,
a force of nature that cannot be subdued, 
Shut the world out, its petty distractions no longer endured,
Let’s stay here and for ever make love!

Copyright © Krish Radhakrishna