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Fixing holes with good intentions

Fixing holes with good intentions.

Lions and tigers,
Dolphins and earthquakes.
Liars with cider,
Have nothing to say.

Animals and insects,
Bugs for breakfast.
Mammals need sex,
So find true love and get wed.

Life is a milk tray;
Oh behave!
Nothing left to say,
So gonna leave to get paid.

Fortune tellers remain silent.
Two moon sellers, offer no guidance.
A magic hat is a box of tricks.
Forget about that; keep it real or quit it!

Lions and tigers,
Dolphins and earthquakes.
Fliers and riders;
We are all running away.

Life is a bad day, work is a chore.
Write it right, or do not say,
I could do with more.

If you don’t care, 
Then give up what you are;
But if you are prepared, 
Then we can build a heart.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey