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You are Perfect the Way You Are

You are perfect the way you are, Otis said.
Thelma was not convinced. I am not, she replied.

Otis brought in his cousins, aunts, and uncles
They also told Thelma that she was perfect

But I cannot make coffee or knit, she protested
That is for others, they told her. Listen to Otis.

You are beautiful inside and out, he said.
You are loving, giving, tender-hearted, empathetic and kind.

But I cannot embroidery, she told him.
I have always wanted to embroidery.

That is for the next life, Otis told her.
For this one, you were given hoofs

So you can give rides to children in their dreams
And give them hope with your telepathy.

Do not waste this life thinking it is less
Otis’s cousin said. It is more.

Always more, his relatives agreed.
You are more, Otis said.

She finally understood 
And was happy.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger