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Born between 3 and 5 am

If you square two and take away from eight,
In the month of April that is my birth date!
Write month-day, twin numbers make a date, 
like a pair of akimbo dancers on ice skates!

This unique number occurs every where,
on a bottle of cough mixture? it is there,
All around in North, East, South and West, 
elements earth, water, sky, air and rest!

Through the year, with you, top to bottom,
you count summer, winter, spring, autumn,
This divine number must have its place,
In Bible, Geeta, Koran,Torah, outer space!

Am I not lucky to be born on such a date?
That holy number twice my cake decorate!
So I can fold my hands to respect the number,
Then blow the candle, to His will surrender!

Written 23-02/2020
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