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On the slate sky scattered the tinge of twilight glow,
unperceived at the ashen edge of the heaving horizon
the swelled clumps of looming storm clouds were born.

The streaming squall of upwelled turmoil began to blow, 
splinters of the broken dreams on the ruins of rainbow
ravaged the emerald serenity of my sprightly meadow.

Strata of charcoal clouds covered the sullen sky hollow,
from molten cauldron surge of gloom started to pour,
tears carried the debris of agony to sedate sea-shore.

After storm was gone began the sparkling night show, 
the sapphire sky adorned the bejeweled astral crown,
from the aura of full moon silver dusts drizzled down.

The cascading river of euphoria I felt through me flow,
to the banks of mind ripples of rhapsody I sensed roll, 
while I set sail to the supernal sea of bliss in my soul. 

February 28, 2020
Title Chosen : Ataraxis
Contest : Pick-A-Title, Vol 14-Tristich
Sponsor : Edward Ibeh

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy