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Imagine a world 
where the leaders 
Stood up and said
we have a way

To make money for you
and overcome 
the worlds problems
we have a way

To help you
help yourself
coming together

creating family wealth
creating jobs for the unemployed
creating work 
for people in poverty

Fifteen thousand children 
die every day from starvation
give their parents jobs
and you overcome poverty

create environmental 
improvement companies
train people for the future
create a plan to improve the world

we know solar power and electric cars 
reduce carbon emissions
we can invest in factories 
that create solar power equipment 

we can invest in forests 
we can invest in viable farming
a company where every body working 
is encouraged to invest

Ten dollars a week each 
creating family wealth 
commerce being used 
to create world health

brothers sisters cousin aunts
every family would have 
a hundred people 
a hundred people 

ten dollars each per week
a thousand dollars per week
fifty two thousand dollars per year
the deposit for one house every year

After four years 
the houses could be sold 
to make companies and create jobs
to overcome unemployment

Investing in farms
provides jobs and food for the people
plants absorb carbon releasing oxygen 
reducing carbon pollution

Investing in solar powered vehicles
reduces carbon pollution 
Investing in forests 
provides trees for future housing 

Again helping in overcoming pollution 
reclaiming arid land reclaiming deserts
building desalination plants 
takes fresh water from the sea

building forests in the deserts 
again pants absorb carbon
reducing carbon pollution 
providing jobs for the unemployed

The money comes form
Governments and the media
teaching every day people 
to become investors in tomorrow

Tomorrow that day in the future 
when nobody dies from poverty
that day in the future 
where the planet is healthy

Tomorrow that day in the future
where their are no more wars 
because people work together 
create a better planet 

for all the worlds people 
Tomorrow where the media 
proud of our leaders
sing their praise for future plans

Imagine a world 
where we all come together
creating wealth for ourselves 
by overcoming problems for the planet

The companies are produced by the people
Universities and students could 
create plans that improve on mine
creating better ideas for investment.

Copyright © Bernard Barclay