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Loving DARE TO BE A MARY challenge: Men too

Some poems write themselves
Maureen McGreavey excels in pithy poetry
So I do not love writing them, sometimes

When the Holy Spirit showed me a contrast
Luke 1, a priest prayed for a son (Elizabeth & Zechariah)
When Gabriel brought the good news, he doubted:
"How can this be true. I am old; my wife advanced in age.")
Zechariah was punished, but Mary was rewarded her asking:
"How can this be, I have not known a man?" Truth: innocence!
Zechariah was shut up for 9 months, until he said, "John!"
The name of the son Elizabeth bore, the forerunner of cousin Jesus -
Mary's faith stood not on education, nor upon reading ...
When Gabriel said, "The Spirit will overcome you as you bring
Forth the Hope of Israel: His name is 'YESHUA: God our Salvation!'" -
It stood on simple faith; faith comes by hearing (His Name) Amen

We have this treasure in earthen vessles, or jars of clay ...
This treasure, saints, THIS TREASURE, the Spirit of God
The Holy Spirit in each believer; Spirit of God's Holiness
Which is the power displayed in the Resurrection
That is why I have optimism about you, Syria, Iran, that nation ...
Because God makes no rejects, only Masterpieces
Who knew? A girl of Nazareth, a peasant, would be "THEOTOKOS"
- The One who carried God in the Womb - staggering ...
No wonder my India once worshipped through the linga-yoni
The Shiva stone representation of reproductivity
To show the fecundity, provision, multiplicity, through God
That power hidden inside the saints as Spirit: to obey
Dare to be a Mary, beyond the issue of gender, womb & phallus
Dare to be a Mary, birth the CHRIST child in you, with Spirit's aid:
After all, we are to be "Little Christs" in an otherwise dark world

When I see the devotion to honor mothers and daughters
That no one (reading) is dead ... yet! I thank my mom, women in my lineage
"What is impossible with men, is possible with God,"
So said Gabriel, the Archangel in Luke chapter 1. Nativity!

Copyright © Anil Deo