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Mother May I

Mother May I

You who is my Lord, who first woke mother, in-kind, woke me during the interim day's mother's bedroom doorway was declared to remain e'er opened.  

Her distinguishable evangelical, pentecostal pastor's voice, rallied her slumberous, e'er Monday moody blues adult son, who instantaneously alerts himself -- catching up with the now and then -- attends to her words bearing caution,

Bound in aches lain to her bed as abilities decay at whatever remains of her untold glory, as a scintilla of her vibrant being, lacks the presence of her obeisant pose whilst evanesce of mind progress.

My endearing mother, Verna, makes her rendezvous with Heaven once again saying ... 

"YOU WHO IS MY LORD, the Awakener  of bestill bodies, souls, and minds, nourishing the flesh with the Bread of abundant Life, fulfilling us with Your precious blood to overflowing, guiding us in Your ways of righteousness with The Word's inspirational insights for our edifications, besides and beyond our mortal spirits, hosting them with Heaven's reign on earth, filling our nostrils with Your unending breathing presence and gift us this day Your empowering strength to enable Your promise's and enlighten the whole world,
YOU WHO IS MY LORD, the Summoner  of all to morningtide's felicitous beamish rapture, pouring its radiating bands of untold marvel in the glorious light's of excess, moving across my face and satisfying my sights as indulging sensitive nerves, soothes amidst Your tranquil graces, whilst flickers bespeckle my bedroom to brightness and cast the iniquities of darkness asunder, as I relish neath Your created luster, exchanging our glowing smiles, accordingly,
YOU WHO IS MY LORD, the Impresario  of our shared kingdoms, engaging each within their own kind, into a chorale rhapsody that is blissfully unequaled, mellifluous clarities aloft mingled with flutters and flapping flights, yon my bedroom widows whilst beneath them, barks and meows exchanging altos with sopranos entertain my ears to no end, for these bounteous sounds of nature truly soothes the savagery to a lessening, thereby, taming the wild roaring to the cooing of an innocent baby or a silvery dove in passing, therefore, blessing me with a talented ear for music, spreading my songwriting in gospels and hymns in exaltation,
YOU WHO IS MY LORD, the Greenskeeper  of the apple-eaters world, resplendence ... that e'er truly was the epitome of Eden, prospers in the richness of the earthen grounds that are well prepared and laid down for sustenance that will encourage the littlest of acorns to yield the noblest of oaks to grandeur, and that such magnificence will repeat itself in their decisive categories, delighting the vibrancy above and below, that You who is my Lord gifted outside my home."

E'er morning, mom was diligent and her words were joyful and unceasing ... to the last.

A realtor sign in the lawn fronting mother's home, adds SOLD. 

An ache quivers my heart that unleashed tears as my toenails in opened-thongs glistens. In thoughts, I held onto mother's bedroom doorknob and dawns an understanding of why her door was kept e'er opened in her remaining years. We held hopes that she would walk as always, praising and rejoicing, 
"Thank You, my sweet Saviour, for the breath of life You gave to me on this bright beautiful anointing morning!" 
That she did ... that she did ... 
Poignantly realized as I closed her bedroom door.

Now, mother Heavenly praises, "LOVE", and He answers her, "MY ANGEL" ... 

Blessed Mother's Day Mom

2021 May 05

*Image of Loving Memory Memorial provided by Pixabay.

Copyright © William Kekaula