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A Caribbean Dream

I’m sure I was dreaming.
I could never afford to travel
To the most beautiful island
The world could provide.

Yet there I was swimming 
In warm clear aquamarine seas.
Out on the sand the view was stunning.
Houses built on the sea itself,
An aroma of shellfish and chicken
Filled the pure air.  I was hungry.
But I had no money, dressed in a bathing suit.

Someone called me and I was offered
A plate of aromatic food.
I ate it slowly, savoring delicious victuals.
Then my newfound friend took me for a walk.
I saw purple crabs scuttling sideways
Whilst at the edge of a forest
So lovely and tender, some mousedeer
Were pasturing quietly in the shade.

Then I realised how hot the midday sun was.
And I woke on my bed, sweating.
It was bliss to linger under a shower.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar