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The first encounter that shakes your hands

Broken glassware in your eyes blue.

Your voice, delicate - that caresses me,

from the moment zero.


I approach you slowly, fascinated.

You passionate kiss my lips.

The hot kisses are waking me up.

My hands look for purple chambers.

There is a hidden joy cry in my throat.


Your smile for my greedy sip of wine

when I cool my face heat

and calming down my mad heart.


At the top of the tower, with a view to the Danube

a few days of dragonfly life just for us.

We are one while we are drowning past traces in wine.

The harmony of our relationship is perfect

my manhood and your tenderness,

your wisdom, and my youth.


We are alone...

Knocking on doors as a four-note motif -

interrupts the game

Our symphony of fate has begun.


Rejected love takes off all the joy

beyond the horizon of our reach.

In the end, our symphony is about love without touch,

our stolen tenderness was left without strength

and evaporate into a misty illusion.


Your images are in my head - breaking me.

I flush my long highlander hair curls

and powerful limbs with ice water.

The power of my passion is wild - as I walk

along the narrow corridors of the haunted tower.


The sad beats of our symphony of longing

with endless suffering because you are here

but too far from me.

I walked away to the other end of the cemetery

so dead souls can make an abyss between us.


The bee awakens me

All mine is still yours

my body is dead - you are not near me.

Without you, there is no true pleasure for me.

Copyright © Maximilian G. Wolf