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Purple Revisited

A gentlefellow and maiden intermingle
on curiosity's swing-seated rest.

Vulnerableness is compressed between them
as if a violet's caress requested their presence.

Harmony's tones are blown through the air,
like lilac's laughter scattering

as jasmine's megaphone humm.
Music's smooth movements dance within them

as if mountainberry ice cream were sampled
from their dreams with a fairy dusting.

An artist's loaded brush paints their moment.
A starfish's bluish blush comes naturally.

Beating blood and veins overlap silently.
Regal drape twine hides a stage

where beauty's ballrooms bloom before their eyes.
Love's uncomfortable shoes

leave a pleasurable bruise as they
peruse through fields of vine-ripened grapes.

An eggplant's bloodline finds royalty's manners
are hung like Lutheran banners

in the boldest of circumstances.
A stream of jelly donut filling

lunges into their tongues at once.
Tastebuds are given amethyst's first kiss.

Like hot and cold amiss, the warmth is blissful.
A rainbow's favorite ending begins indefinitely

as a projection of the evening's sky blending.
The progeny of red and blue is born by two.

Copyright © Juliet Ligon