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Trust nobody

trust nobody

what is trust 

does it ever 
occur to you 
that is a merit

who earns it 
depends on you 

yet the old wise 
say trust nobody

what is trust 

ever wonder why 
it could fail 

especially when humans
are involved

yet we are thought
to believe trust our 

despite it obvious

we are still made to 
uphold it promise
by the systems

so again I ask 
what is trust

no wonder 
the old wise man
said to me 

trust nobody
it could kill you 
faster than any 

it could pull
you to pains 
as fast and 
quicker than your

it is always comes
that is a worst part 
of trust when it fail

what is trust

ever wonder why 
is a merit 

so gave it to who 
is due to 

yet the old wise says
trust nobody

Copyright © richard nnoli