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Indian Solar System

(TW : Abusive marriage )

So we are here in this garden less green than the ones you promised .

Oh you say this ? 
you the girl with eyes browner than the skin , 5 feet of womanhood , 7 inches of literature .( says the man who plays the man) 
How I wish I could revisit those 5 inches !
(Says the girl who plays the wife ,  who could revolve around the world but  revolved around this holy fire less holy more fire )
You ,  weren't you my partner satellite moon ? Or were you another mercury ? 
I thought you were sugar , you'd mix in hot water when I'd make tea for you but Alas ! 
You were always mercury , meant to vapourize and

then suddenly enter my body to cause sleep disorders and nervous breakdowns .
So I have a question paper like the ones they give in schools to fool children . 
1)Is this my monologue like every other or will you reply ? 
2)Are you dead or you pretend to be ? 
3)Can I your wife play dead ? 
and if I play dead , will you make food for chotu and manage the laundry ? 
4)Can wives play dead or become "Plutos" , leaving the solar system with its fireball and mercury leaving no trace of cool winds and dwarfism ? 
I have a last questions to ask , like Neil Armstrong had for moon . 
5)Did the moon turn out to be what he expected or did he find craters ? 
If he found craters I would travel to the past in a time machine or my washing machine and tell him that he was lucky to find craters on the moon , I never found a moon except for karvachauth , the festival they make us celebrate to see the real moon and then see the mercury that appeared like moon but wasn't . 
Though I am not allowed to answer you back but let me open , 
ans) I , Sarla , the wife of a man who is just a man wasn't lucky enough to find a moon when I was sent away from my brown and blue earth with grasslands green and sky as blue as lapis lazuli 
I wish I could play dead or
extremely volatile like you do but there are clothes to wash ,
lies to be recited in the ears of children when they ask for stories .
How I wish I could recite them poems from literature but Alas ! 
I am Sarla and I am just 5 feet tall , tall enough to remain invisible in this solar system .

#Tragedy #Society #Struggle

Copyright © Ridhi Bhutani