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Married on Television

They got married on T.V with all the regalia.
Watched by a camera, somewhere in Australia.
Under the microscope, living false lives.
Women with husbands, and men with wives

Observing as I do through my own little box.
Proves most humans are mental ? except Mr Cox.
They cheat and hurt, there’s ninety days of pain.
And the experts advise but never really explain. 

They have tried to find love in a barless zoo.
Forced to have sex and analyse as they do.
It’s all good T,V as long as everyone gets hurt
It’s a nice pay day, but your heart’s the dessert.

Hats off to the experts, who encourage non-stop.
And bravo to the players and narcissists who flop.
Contestant begging to keep their marriages afloat.
And an emotional break down, reading a scripted note.

Taking part in a circus so what did they really expect?
Some lost their cherries, and all lost their, self-respect.
Reality telle watching the useless squirm on a nail.
The ratings through the roof when their pointless lives fail.

Copyright © Dave Cox