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Motherhood and Employee Britches

Like a parvenu with new found riches,
I had to adjust to the new thrust of
wearing both motherhood and work britches.
But unlike riches with pleasure twitches,
my changes gained me pressure stiches!
I became a day and night thriving,
gotta getter-doner energizer
conquering to-do lists into gone bits.

As an every week day employee
pay postured towards green garnered,
I was more of a getter-byer than
a future green funds accumulator.
My bonhomie nature turned crotchety
which was mendacious to my nature
with its most foreign, bitter flavor.
Nightly, I morphed into a dinner cooker
still dressed in day time pantyhose stress
who dreamed of a pajama clad frame
before becoming a kitchen cleaner,
homework tutor, tub time scrubber and
a loving night-night time story reader.
I found no daily event was sweeter
than my child’s beddy-bye kiss keepers
and prayed my child’s precious styled love
could repeal the tick-tock theft of my weal.

When I exhausted all to be accomplished,
I would change into a television collapser
who needed at least one free hour to happen
lest I track down an assassinator
to track down the tergiversators
who decided females could both mother
and successfully nail the career sphere
without stress skyrocketing to severe. 

February 16, 2020
Chantelle Anne Cooke
Exalted Words - I choose my words by doing a quiz on Webster's site about unusual words then wrote the poem using the words from that quiz.

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