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Awake and Working

Bored out of my mind
Watching the clock on the wall
Wondering why I came in
When I didn't get a call

I was not requested here
Not needed or summoned
But yet here I am
I came willing and runnin 

Came here to help if I can
But its hard to find work
This place is a ghost town
Feeling useless is the worst

So I will pass my time
With pen in my hand
Write down whats on my mind
Avoid being a bored man

To my best I am trying
To occupy my time here
Hopefully it goes by quick
Smooth, clean and clear

It will soon enough come
For me to clock out
Not time to head for the door
I'm stuck here for now 

A few more hours to go
Shouldnt be all that hard
But this might be my
One and only graveyard 

Written  3-14-19

Copyright © Troy Toney