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i might have been born with a funny sounding name
Or considered the kid everyone thinks is lame
I might have been born with a slightly crooked nose
Or I might grow fungus between my toes
I might just have only one leg
Or I might have a tumor growing outside my head
One of my arms might be shorter than the other
I might have a drug addict or alcoholic mother
I might be considered slightly overweight
Or wear clothes that might be a little out of date
I might have hair that doesn't act right
I might be Asian, Latino, Black or White
I might be a girl who speaks with a deep voice
Or I might be a boy whose hair doesn't hold moist
I might have parents who are the same  gender
Whose names might be Gloria and Ginger
Or it might be Chris and Tony who raises me
But always shows me love unconditionally
That doesn't give you the right to add on more
By pushing and kicking me throwing me to the floor
Attacking me with hard punches and socks
Laughing and spitting on me while all your friends watch
Stabbing at me and constantly pulling my hair
Tripping me when I walk down the stairs
Spreading rumors on social media that you know are all lies
Proud of the pain and tears you see in my eyes
Part of my pain and these tears are for you too
Because you're probably just doing to me what someone did to you
Stop the cycle and make a change starting right now today
Because when you're battling the demons inside yourself bullying is not the way.

Copyright © Otelia Sullivan