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The sunshine days

The sunshine days

I need to remind you of happiness, because I am so sad.
I will talk about feeling sunshine and even I will try to laugh.
I will talk about love because it puts a smile on my face;
Can you picture the moment you met,
Which lead up to a first embrace?

The first time you kissed, the moment you fell in love;
These are your memories of times that were once good.
The first time you heard this song, 
When we were so young and carefree.
Oh how I long for the way, things used to be.

The first time they said I love you;
The first time you said it to them.
Already knowing how they felt about you,
So free to speak without regret.

The moment you realized you had a love that you knew would last.
I hope you always find what you need, to make you laugh.
The old familiar comedian, your friend’s jokes, or your kids.
Whatever makes you smile, it is surely worth it.

You know what would make you happy 
And one day that thing you will see
And if you cannot get what you need right now, 
Then continue to believe.
The love you need will find you.
One day you will have more cash,
So you can buy the things you want to have 
And you will no longer feel so sad.

You will find the job you always wanted 
And marry the one that you love.
You will have the family you always dreamed about
And you will be able to travel the world.
You will buy that house and own that car,
If material things are what you want.
I wish for this to all happen for you
And if it can never happen, 
Then please know that you are loved 
And if I could, I would wave a magic wand.

I want you to be happy;
If I could I would take away all your pain.
I want to pretend things will be good in the end;
These are the sunshine days…
There will always be plenty of time for rain.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey