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Making My Dreams A Realify

Make My Dreams Reality

If I told you I loved you 
and you told me too
I would need no heaven
All I would need is you
I can imagine your touch
How it'd feel on my skin
My breath would catch
and heart would beat faster

To be held within your arms
Lips touching ahh....
complete my very reality
Though you are not in it
Wish my dreams
Would come true
Making the stars above
Shine even brighter

I'd have no need
For anything special
I wouldn't even care
If anyone ever knew
My body aches
For your touch
Yet you won't give it
Our lips are but a breath 
Away from kissing

Time would even
Stop for us
I know it could
So we could get lost
in-between the moments
Life would be complete

But all I have are 
empty days all alone
That feels like years
When we are not near
Missing something
That something is you

If only you'd look into my eyes
Look deep to see my soul
See how it aches for you
At least in my dreams
I'm comforted by you
As you hold me close 
Gazing in each other's eyes
If only you would just see
And make my dreams reality

Copyright © Brenda Chiri