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That Girl at the Party

You’re that girl at the party 
The one who I see coming 
Who’s going to want to talk about 
Slavery or banjo or climate change

I’ve been waiting hoping you’d be here
It’s been a nice time drinking my wine
Talking about what’s on Netflix 
Like most people here want to do

But not you
You’ve been studying the movement 
Of Minstrelsy across the seas
In the Eighteen fifties 

As you proceed to describe how
A mother’s daughter might or mightn’t 
Be sold with her at the option of the buyer
I drink in your dyed-scarlet hair and your tie dyed dress

Your fingers move across the strings
Like a spider’s legs I am not doing something new
You say but you are original unique in my experience 
I can’t explain what you mean in the world 

To say you’re an angel or goddess 
Doesn’t do you justice 
Angels aren’t as sad or angry as you
And so don’t retain the real essence of beauty 

You’re the messenger of truth
Beauty however black however dark 
My emerald rose
I imbibe your radiant soul 

February 16, 2020

Copyright © Andrew Jung