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Big Ben strikes ten         depart Kings Cross 
Hear squeal of wheel      as lines criss-cross 
Clickety-clack                         clickety clack 
Now to head north               upon fast track 
In urban grey          we’re speeding through 
Four hundred mile                   to Edinburgh 
Leave urban sprawl        the grey and grime 
Soon we are on             East Coast mainline 
City behind                     see country scene 
All rural space                  expanse of green 
My window view                     is flashing by 
Too fast for me                        to focus eye 
Field after field                    open landscape 
Golden barley                  bright yellow rape 
Wood and coppice        hedge and hawthorn 
One mighty oak                    looking forlorn 
In field corner                       deserted farm 
Red brick decay                       derelict barn 
Now reach Yorkshire        where engine built 
Speeding on now                     going full tilt 
Non-stop through York    and straight ahead 
The speed reaching             the full hundred 
Through industry               of the North East 
Still at full speed             and near the coast 
Parallel to                          the Roman road 
To Edinburgh                     with full payload 
Now slow down on                  terminus line 
Clickety-clack                         clickety-clack 
Over the points                    of station track 
Arrive on time                             in the city 
The clock showing                  just six thirty

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves