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Pure Love

Piercing screams slice the air Creating a sense of joy with laughter Coloring the moments in exhilaration Left behind from some child’s imagination Echoes of small feet darting and sprinting Leaving stirrings of complete abandonment The knowing that comes from sharing hours Spent in breathless bliss, creating wonders That last through the day and well into night Stabbing at the hot sun and startling the stardust Twinkles of a night breaking into angelic song One little girl holds the jump rope’s end As another child skips to the beat of its spin Leaving another girl waiting by the oaks Hoping to take a turn when the time is right A small boy holds a ball and seems intent On tossing it across the grassy field Where so many others have played this game Before, moving to the bases and shouting With enthusiasm… children filled with elation Dancing in waves of lavender and rose, azure tones Caress the buttery sun with sincerity that comes From knowing this is a day about to be spent swirling Twisting and turning, spiraling out of control, thriving In the kind, but fleeting hours that awaken gladness And soothe the soul in seas of compassion and creativity Discovered on the wings of fairies and friends who grow up Together, on the playground that holds such charming memoirs On this playing field, this playground, every soul is essential A thought expressed by the one who knows that this world Dances to life when their feet hasten across fresh grass Leaving only the dreams to last beneath the melodies of dew And sun, rain and moon, starry nights when every thought knows The playground is where a yearning goes to find love alive inside It is captured in the reflection of laughing eyes on every smile From child to child – playing out the song inside their hearts! On the playground… there is butterfly dreams and kisses From a breeze that whispers of serenity which brings Faithful friends together on wonderous wings of innocence On the playground… there is pure love Playground Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Shreya LN June 13, 2021

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