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If only for once
Dusk and dawn came together
Us beasts, those animals
If only twilight would last forever…

Dancing in the daylight
Dreaming of the moonlight
Howling at the night sky
The horizon’s skylight
Overwhelms the dark night
The moon sinks on the skyline
And the sun begins to rise
Then, when the moment’s just right
Suddenly it’s twilight
All creatures of the night
Wonder for the last time
Seeking a place to hide
“I want to touch the light…”
“This light is so unnatural,
I prefer the moonlight.”
“Beasts live in the sunlight. 
We’re safe from them at night.:
Once at day, once at night
We run together beneath the sky
Once at day, once at night
Our worlds collide, day and night
Dusk and dawn alike.
Us beasts, those animals 
Once a day, twice a light 
Once every twilight.

I wake up and turn on my light
It was just a dream,
A dream of living in the night
Such a beautiful dream
So as the sun begins to rise
Once again, I close my eyes
And dream again of twilight.

Copyright © Ava McFadden