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I still remember that day

I looked at the blue wild sky ,
The sky that is as vast as eternity,
The sky that holds the Universe in its lap,
When the stars started telling me the stories of ancient times,
As crazy as it sounds, something inside me broke, and as if captured on film, 
I found myself slowly sinking to my knees. 
The tears began without warning until soon I knew I was sobbing. 
What reflex betrays one like this?

What chemistry did the blue sky and the stars create within me ?
What inside me had malfunctioned, had left me kneeling and sobbing for no reason?
Was the sky calling me to join the clouds and I cried because I could not soar the new heights ?
Or  Was I crying because I was in a fight with the devil within who did not let me fly ? 

Someone saw me crying , touched my shoulder with compassion and told me: “Just cry. Just cry.Free yourself.” But free myself from what, exactly?

You see, I want this whole thing to be something meaningful, 
my falling to my knees just by looking at the sky and crying uncontrollably .
But nothing meaningful has presented itself. 
Even now, after so much time has passed, I have no clue 
what any of this means. 
I still haven’t figured out whether I lost myself or found myself that day .

Copyright © Monalisa Dash