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The vow

The vow
Strip the black man of his color
And the white man of his tint
Don’t forget the brown, the yellow
Even the red man, get the hint?
Make them colorless and pasty
Let us see who’ll take the lead
Who will feel intimidated?
Will the color clash proceed?
And is it really in the color
In the tint and in the shade?
What then if we mix the colors?
Does that mean it is a trade?
Do we trade our inner beings
When we unify our hearts?
When we unify our thinking?
Is that why we’re still apart?
Are we so afraid of losing
Our worth and our place?
Could that be the very reason
Why we won’t give each his space?
Let us therefore do the stripping
Strip the things that don’t allow
Us to see that what’s of value
So let’s all just make this vow
’I will not see just a color
But a person, yes, a soul
Whom I will respect and honor
From now on that’ll be my goal.’

Wendy Nipas

Copyright © Wendy Nipas