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Body Language

The body language of my dog, about his only way
To tell me what is going on, and how he spent his day
He smiles at me and shows his teeth, it goes against the grain
He knows I do it when I'm happy, so he does it once again

But then the times when things go wrong, his guilty look displays
He tells me that he's sorry, with drooped ears won't meet my gaze
He slinks around the corner, pretending he's not there
Don't worry boss I will be good, keep right out of your hair

Then he thinks time for a stroll, brings his lead to me
Puts it down right at my feet, and gazes soulfully
If he thinks I take no notice, then he goes into plan B
Brings the lead a little closer, puts a paw up on my knee

Now let us say we did the walk, he rolled in something foul
He knows that I don't like it, he can recognise a scowl
I start to run his doggy bath, good gosh he's on the lam
How come the baths a problem, when he loves a freezing dam

The wife comes home when work is done, he'll park outside the door
How does he know she will be home, if he waits five minutes more
Now if the kids they make a mess, I ask him did you do it
He wanders round so unconcerned, he knows no way he blew it

Then the times when one of us, is feeling quite unwell
He will lay down right beside us, if we're sick then he can tell
So that's all body language, and to put another way
I may not be a human, but I can still have my say

Copyright © warren mbaht