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Violence By Way Of Fantasy

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I'll make blood drip down ur face
Throwing hands and invading ur space
I go to war like Scarface
Shell casings dropping like dimes
I told you too many times
Don't test me at anytime!
I will set ur ass in the grass
I'm all up in ur face like SMASH!
I might let u get up
Give u a chance to man up
If ur ready to fight The Champ just step Up!
Like Cassius Clay, I'm light on my feet
Bareknuckled and knocking u on ur seat
Talking trash put my fists on repeat
Spit out like rhyme sellers
I feel like it needs a hook to make any dollars
Gangsta Rap like Tupac
Investing in ass whoopings like it's a new stock
Don't let this pretty face make u think u can beat me
I will teach u to respect me and want to be me
Be careful where u r poking
I'm always laughing and joking
Come at me wrong and I'll leave ur ass smoking
Ask this guy on the floor choking....
I'll take ur lady and walk out of sight
Stepping over bodies leaving this fight
Leaving only one to tell the tall tale of that night
Poetic justice is what will be served in that fight
Words lift ur imagination to heights of insanity
Ending this the right way would cement my destiny
But there is no right way to end violence by way of fantasy...

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