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My Great Niece Brenee

My Great Niece Brene’e While sorting through family pictures today I saw one of my great nieces named Brene’e Her thoughts appeared to be so very far away I felt as if there was something that I should say As I saw a light that her eyes seemed to portray Like her soul was talking to me somehow, some way I had only been around when I used to watch her play Because we come from that big family of McMillian / Gray I figured she would think that I was like that cliché, crae-crae To even to ask her if she might have had a message to relay Just how could the message be for a great Aunt so far away Maybe it meant that I just needed to talk with her one day Then I planned a visit as soon as I could without delay With there being such a strong vibration any ole way I knew it was something I should certainly survey The visit was kept short without a big display I did let her know that everything was okay We had so much fun during her quick stay I really got to know her more that day Her soul lit her eyes as a pathway Of all her beauty in a vast array Her heart was too big to weigh A meekness that did not stray I found myself thankful to pray About my glorious discovery that day To know more of my Great Niece, Brene’e Florence McMillian (Flo)

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