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At a Saloon

It was summer on a Saturday afternoon. With a few bucks, I went to a saloon. I made some decent progress with my third beer. All of the sudden, a vision of loveliness would appear. She was a brunette scantily clad in a bikini colored pink. This girl looked young; not even old enough to drink. Aroused men seemed to want to swallow her whole as she erotically slithered like a snake around a pole. The guy sitting next to me told me her name was Denise. She just happened to be the bar owner's niece. Closer to the patrons came this sweet little honey. Denise pranced on the countertops as she collected money. That's when I thought I should vacate my seat. This girl might think I was a deadbeat. To the nearest exit, I made a prompt dash. I would have stayed longer, but I was out of cash.

Copyright © Robert Pettit