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Eating Good in The Ghettohood

Life in the “Ghettohood” is finger licking good,
All souls in their folly keeps my coffers full and jolly
Anger hate and bigotry’s the best kind of energy.
Loud ruthless gangsters, young naughty pranksters;
Keeping up with the Kardashians, those vexed unholy citizens
A pleasure to see, their shiny gold turn to greed.
As Your strong wills yields to the thrill of the kill.
Awwwhhh Great Glory to me. My name will be history.

Oh the pride, the pride, the arrogantly foolish;
See your selfish lust fall victim to the lazy.
Be thy noble minds martyred violently crazy

Mmmm tasty, tasty, tasty ¬_ cakes and pies;
Delicious is the filling of steamy deceit and lies.
I savor the flavor of the strong, weak and old.
Don’t listen to the fables of those stories told!
I will suck the marrow from the bones of your babies;
Then tiptoe through the tulips, the roses and daisies.

For every time you lift a little finger of foe;
The energy of negativity helps me to grow.
Go on forget about me, I’m not so bad of a guy, 
You’re all on the menu, the bold and the shy.
I’m just a mere villainous vampire.
 Feasting till you completely expire.

Aye! The eating is marvelously good in every Ghettohood!

Copyright © Niyna Che