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In his last breath

A distant wail, a spirit cried
“Too short a life! , too short a life!”
A piercing sound in the dead of night
“Too short a life! , too short a life!”

My candle lit to seek the sight
I leaned at the sill to look outside
He looked at me straight, looked in my eyes,
“ Too short a life! , too short a life!”

Clad in black and made in bone
His eyes like jewels no man had known
A scythe in hand perfectly honed
He stood determined, he stood alone

I knew him from the books and lore
A figure that men and women abhorred 
The final vision for those that go,
An appointment kept and never ignored.

“ Is it I, who you seek?” To him I asked
Knowing at heart, the reapers task
He nodded yes, my time had passed
Now any breath would be my last

Give me a moment, I said to him
Let me remember my friends, my kin
remember my righteousness, remember my sin
Let me remember who I have been

He stood his ground, I closed my eyes
A saw a man that I had left behind...
A man who loved and lived a life
And not just toiled for food and wine

I saw a love that Walked away
When the mission of life was debts to pay
I saw my days they all looked the same
A promising journey that turned mundane

I heard their words of wise advice
In being like the others I took great pride
The way of the world to all applies
I never saw the truth, behind their lies.

And now I stood there, and the end of the line
Lamenting the lost opportunity of time
The scythe struck as I opened my eyes
As my spirit cried, “Too short a life, too short a life”

Copyright © Shardoolsen Jadhav