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Cave Quid Optes

Aye did not heed the maxim be careful
     what you wish for,
     cuz now adversity not abate
perhaps helpful for thee reader

     if this bard arse
     did apprise present woe
     by turning time machine backdate
asper how the fickle finger

     of thine existence didst create,
a more agonizing situation discerning
     scythe leant presaging grim reaper date
now welcomed with

     opened arms to extricate
fools paradise by twist,
     and shout of cruel fate
e'en locked up in a damp, dank,

     and dark dungeon more grate
full, than full blown wraith zing hate
now lemme summarize
     woe of this ingrate

where reprieve of death,
     would be to good for me to jubilate
perhaps immolation, thence
     at the stake burnt offerings

     presented to the
     "FAKE" trumpeting khanate
hence complete annihilation
     the only way to liberate

a guilty conscious weighted down
     by Sisyphean sized mill stones
now whit tis time mate
to acknowledge, and try to numerate

whereat one issue found me
     reneging and being obdurate
on reimbursing me youngest daughter,
     who could not pontificate

why she needed to fork
     over monies in relation
     to overpayment re
     guarding social security,
     essentially incumbent on me

     on me eek quate
ting to a sizable tidy sum,
     finding yours truly i rate
yet refund check she sent

     over a year ago, and spate
of anger (born by eldest lass)
     unforgivable egregious stonewalling
     do to procrastination trait

this papa (rightfully my responsibility) 
     objects to bearing
     brunt of arithmetical error
plus my own meager

     very limited fiduciary reserves
     induces anxiety to undulate
thus becoming fancy free
     and foot loose bachelor

appears as emotionally
     cannibalistic (ready 
     to jump off a bridge)
     to shuck off this unbearable weight.

Copyright © matthew harris