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I Accuse You She Yelled

I accuse you, she yelled, pointing to those who thought her dead.
Cowards, they had sailed away after proving her innocence.
Her family was horrified, because now it meant she was a witch.
They screamed and ran away, leaving her behind. She cared not.

I ACCUSE YOU! She screamed at the men on board the ship 
Her anger was a bellow across the water. A wise woman came to her.
She put her arm around her and led her to her haven in the forest.
"What is wrong with my people?" the girl asked.

"They know not, what they do," the crone said, her face was harsh
But her soul was kind. The girl sobbed herself to sleep that night.
Left in the forest with a stranger, for her family was too afraid to 
Allow here back into the family. Afraid of her witchcraft.

The crone taught her how to garden, gather seeds, fix poultices.
She learned to love the forest animals, the fox, and the squirrel.
She learned what she needed to survive, which was much 
As she was alone now, shunned by her family's terror of witches.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger