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Black sky
Black night
And moonlight
Dark eyes
Dark mind
In dark clothes
We hide
Burning in our anger
Drowning in our tears
The ghosts of smiles linger
Shadows of past cheer
A hollow, empty smile
Because we know
That you all think
We are not good liars
And we’ll never 
Ever be
Yet it seems to me
That you believe
That underneath
Black lipstick and eyeliner
My smile is quite dire
You say my mind’s misguided
Just a phase
‘ll go away
Get on your knees
And pray
Forgive and forget, or so you say
But God forgot me along the way
And heroes never save the day
You say that
We all make mistakes
So no matter what they do
No matter what they say
You lead me to believe
It doesn’t matter what they think
So here I stand
But I’m smiling
Watching, waiting
In the darkness
Oh sweet mother, sweet mother
Though I hate to digress
It seems that I lost you
And my father
And everybody else
I lost everyone
Trying to find myself
And so now with certainty I can say
Villains are the broken people
Heroes forgot to save

Copyright © Ava McFadden