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When WE Were Tight

Took an old memory out and cried a little
Seems time has taken its toll
Remembered drag racing on the stretch
Beer party down at Devil’s Hole
Pack of Luckies at Dutch Hill Park
Campfire in the Pines late at night
Like blood brothers, times were fun
Long ago when we were tight
Loved your sister, boyhood crush
You had my back in the street that night
Took him down when he pulled the knife
Friends forever when we were tight
Acme lot late one Saturday
Two girls, some Thunderbird wine
About two steps out of our mind
Throwing up, not feeling too fine
Adulthood arrived going separate ways
The ocean called and times were changing
Lost touch in those turbulent years 
Seems the world was rearranging
I’ll stay crazy till my dying years
Now no longer part of the fight
But I still look back and smile
About long ago when we were tight
Learned you had passed while still young
Felt some pain as my mind raced back
That beat up Ford, see you Friday
Running now on a different track
Sometimes I get a little melancholy
Through blood shot eyes in the morning light
The girls, the booze and the wild times
Long ago, back when we were tight

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr.