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Chaos In The White House jab two

when Democrats outliers gnashed
teeth, and nonestablishmentarian outlaws 
pistol whipped and hashed 
tagged traitors who roared America 
went bankrupt at sold at fire sale price slashed

when Donald Trump ran the country 
into the ground evidenced by Molotov Cocktails residue 
in concert with the sulfuric odor of hand grenades trashed
like some sorority or fraternity house 
left the sanctified righteous West Wing 

with powder puffs sans canisters 
of pepper spray, whereby 
most docile, humble, and liberal took a page 
from playbook of Pandora, and took an aimless swing
at the root cause of melee by hurling objet’s d’art 

at the pompous trump ping
Septuagenarian, whose platoons of goons 
rent asunder peoples against their king
the donnybrook heathen, whose remarks 
against libertarian rubric that made America great

wantonly soup peer egg go whist tickly
reviving prejudices declared dead
from yesteryear and his attempt to bring
back the glory days, when Whistler Blowers 
getting water boarded and aching 

deigning to implement dictatorship 
of the Proletariat as a capital idée fix
weaving together, the salient strengths 
viz founding fathers credo gave licks
to King George, and now in an ironic 

twist and shout of fate through eclectic mix
basket of deplorables further shamed 
by being routed by the New York Nicks
sewed jaws, heads of state, and dignitaries 

with limping bodies spent like derricks
Oil used up and no place to go except 
to keep Alice in Chains and 
Alice Cooper Company with toys in the attics.

Copyright © matthew harris