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Love's Beautiful Lawn

Wild grasses of my springtime heart unmown,
unruly, unrestrained, in silence grew
as youth’s infatuation madly blew
its untamed gale where tall, green grass had grown.
Fair birds of transient love have long since flown –
That tale’s dark thread unraveled. Segue to
The stunning, breathless moment I met you
And found the lasting love I’d never known.
As Autumn yields to Winter, hair recedes
brown-gray, and once-hard muscles dormant lie;
our fathomless love-light remains undimmed.
Spring’s passions redirected, naught impedes
love’s resolute commitment. You and I
adore our beautiful lawn, neatly trimmed.

Written and submitted 2/20/2020
Entered in Dear Heart's Writing Prompt - Ten Words Poetry Contest
Ten words are in italics
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Copyright © John Watt