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No honour in your tribal wars

People pledge fealty

To nations in tribal belief,

Waging wars of power and greed

Plant the xenophobic seeds,

Right wing, left wing same old thing

Lends itself to being extreme,

I won't let this divisive nature define me,

It's the cause of humanity hating,

It's the reason for the fighting,

Over power and territory,

Over old religious stories,

In the name of valour and glory,

Same old ignorance it just bores me,

Lie about the wars causes

No cause is can justify genocide,

Or oppressing other peoples lives,

No cause can make death legitimate

There is no honour built from hate,

You can keep your violent ways

Left wing, right wing all the same,

Religious dogma always to blame

I won't partake in your tribal games.

Copyright © fauxcroft wade