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It is time to say goodnight

Stay cool
Feel it
Don’t blink
Sense it

Don’t move
Feel the stare
We can’t run
Stay prepared

I don’t know
What the hell they are
They got our scent
They’ve hunted us from afar

Group up 
We’ve killed so many men
But not these - we ain’t killed one of them!

They surround us
So light on their feet
Harness the darkness
‘till they find fresh meat

Feel it
Stand so very still
Not far now
Death brings it own sweet chill

Their speed, their teeth
We’re no match for this fight
But we got some firepower left
Although our rounds burned into the night

We ain’t dying that way
Four grenades for us four men
Surprise will kill them
Surprise will be their end!

I can hear them 
Just feet away
Don’t turn - look in my eyes 
Release the hold pins

It’s time to go away.

Copyright © T.I.R.O. JY