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The Information

The enslavement of the world's vast systemization,
brought to me a needful observation, 
which caused for great consideration,
and led me to the revelation, 
of the information on the station
of the channel of eternity. 

And so the information required evaluation
for the provocation of a revelation,
for an explanation for all of creation,
and illumination for the duration,
of a momentous curiosity.

Soon an investigation of my own condition,
brought realization of a separation 
causing desperation to end speculation,
of the void of the certain education,
and the presentation of the information
requiring my belief.

The determination brought equalization 
to the head to heart self situation,
and Introduced a new elation,
to the straight and narrow indication, 
for the truth I should receive.

That the Holy God of all creation,
and His love beyond all explanation,
in the midst of all of life's duration,
exists an eternal proclamation.
in the form of precious information,
that I had chosen to believe. 

With just a glimpse of the information,
I took into great consideration,
that He would go to such desperation,
within the cycle of generations,
to create a hidden plan of salvation,
to save all of humanity.

And in the midst of all of this information,
there was even a more profound revelation,
that within the vast man numeration,
that the Father God of all creation,
would infinitely consider me.

And now it is my declaration 
to share the incredible information,
It is my greatest dedication,
to share the powerful proclamation,
of the love of God, the information,
that is able to make men free.

Copyright © Lovie Divine