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On God

Life has beaten me up it has beaten me down
It has beaten me silly but this what I found
I was built to be tough and withstand alot
Keep my third eye open and my mind on the plot
Be aware of the punches the pitfalls and all
The good, bad, and ugly
So on you do I call
On God life has been a journey
Though I navigate through it
Through my pain and suffering wondering how did I do it?
To survive things that would've drove the average person insane
Carrying this weight on my shoulders speaking these thoughts on my brain
To walk a mile in my shoes would u like to trade places?
Although we all are dealing with different battles we facing
On God I've been through some troubling times
But it's these sort of times that help with these rhymes
They made me what I am, who I've grown to be
On God I'm thankful for everything I've seen
At the same time interpreting just what it all means
On God.......

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