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A world full of heavy

Is it just me or is the world getting too heavy,
And it way past time for us to lighten our load.

We seem to be making even our going heavy,
When our passing should leave the world carrying a lighter load.

There has been a noted increase of heavy breathers,
So I have been told.

Equipment is now heavy,
So we can lighten our load.

We pay a price that is heavy,
For a products that are old.

Our baggage is now too heavy,
For a single plane to hold.

Our homes are now heavy,
From carrying too much mold.

We all now catch colds that are heavy,
To add to our load.

Our hands no longer capable of work that is heavy,
Struggle to lighten our load,

It may sound a bit heavy,
To be so bold.

But it is time to get more heavy
In order to lighten our load.

Copyright © David Smith