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Homo sapiens in earth to Homo martians in mars

Homo sapiens in earth to Homo Martians in mars
Helios’ children craved
But only Gaia had life in her fate engraved
With waters lashing oceans and tides
And lushy green lands to live by the sides
Her children were the Sapiens
Who ruled the world with radiance
Living in mutualism with animals and aves
Beastly to an extent and digging their graves
Formatting world’s treasures
Polluting her breasts, waists and Aether
Stealing future dreams and childhood
Filling the unhealed lacuna with word brood
Ares, the son had to step up
To invite spaceships and satellites to diagnose his hub
Scientists fiddled to this symphony
Sapiens skipped beats to this cacophony
Homo sapiens in earth become Homo Martians in mars
If living in underground is your choice
If you prefer to forget to rejoice
Like to live in quarantine research stations?
Then mars is your place – CONGRATULATIONS
Gaia had oxygen, mars has carbon dioxide
She had homes; he has catacombs missin’ the hydride
Her body was warm; his made your teeth titter
She preferred vibrant, active dynamicity
He prefers dull, gay less, lazy mutagenity
In earth you could ‘Tinder’ you
In mars you need to camouflage you
With no gravity to bring your ball back
With dismal depressing sights – yuck!
Red red everywhere every place to stink
Forget colours of normal life- think twice to wink
Obliviating smells of pizza and petrichor
Sniffing alcohol, choking smog , protein is all that it has senhorr!
Birdy tweets, rustling leaves, playing children
Become fragments of your history –Amen
With no thunders to rumble and tummies to grumble
“Silencio” of Dumbledore is all that you have to stumble
Every day goes a struggle
Everyone will be an abysmal muggle
Every year marks death’s chuckle
Every night your prayers tumble
Regretting your ego with Gaia’s Scuffle
Eating fresh will be days of nostalgia
Recycling to eat will be your greatest phobia
She sheltered you from radiations
She gave you everything without donations
If you don’t mind seeing the sunlight
If you prefer carrying oxygen tanks upright
Then mars is your place sit tight
Elon musk dreams and Apollo screams
To stop the welcoming grin of his sibling
Mars is a tough choice with Gaia sizzling
Save her or embrace his clutches
You need to mutate my friend, when mars touches
Mars isn’t cheap and you need a leap
I think you don’t need “An alien hand” or “Surviving mars” to show you how
Protect her or shatter your dreams and future my love

Copyright © Balambal Suryanarayanan