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MORNING  has broken 
 oh, pieces of light.
and clouds beyond night.
like the first burst 
-- oh, see the seas of waters.

My love oh crashing upon rocks
like seventh waves bracing for
a warmth of hearts --
Sweet heart and new light of day
like i praise for mornings 
without pain and screaming...

Oh, sweet love like a first dew
upon a petal of passion's flower
so morning's light too.

Mine is the sunlight 
mine is the morning
born of the One night
we met in creation
of a New Day.

Sweet resurrections and like
the first slither of light
i was born to love you
---/\ Mine is a sunlight
and a sunlight born of night
and praising reward and mornings
like God's Creations.

:: 05.04.2021 ::

Copyright © Ernest Robles