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Ode to Gordon

I recently became acquainted with a kind gentleman named Gordon
A ‘gentle man’ in the true sense of the words. To him, life is not a burden.

Despite the myriad trials and tribulations he has encountered in life
He has conquered them all and risen above them, above all the strife.

He has many interests to fill up his days, and each one brings him peace
He shares his thoughts and his wisdom, I listen and find my own release.

His writings are prolific, each one filled with true feeling and food for thought
I pause and reflect after absorbing his words, treasures like these cannot be bought.

I hold this gentleman in such high esteem, even though we’ve only recently met
His writings strike a chord in my heart, his soul shines through, his mind is set.

His honesty and gentle words have started me on a path of deep reflection
Thank you, Gordon, for showing me the way toward a new direction.

Copyright © Beth Beverley