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Oh, death sublime shall resolve everything,
eliminating all daily problems,
eventually arrives resting,
in graves or urns,
I'll be resting without fuss more likely devoid of bedlams.
Oh, death the final boundary of Life,
the ultimate seducer,
conquering my morbid afterlife,
defeated in fright and strife,
for you are the ultimate mystery producer.
Oh, death revealing to us the crucial truth,
taking away all our agonies,
from the aged and the youth,
This is our final journey of realities.
Oh, death makes time and space equal,
Sceptres and weeds alike,
Continues in a sequel,
from the strong to the feeble,
when we have a glimpse of you we psych.
Oh, death flourishes in your peaceful wealth,
claiming us creatures of earth great and small;
Sometimes hastily other times at length,
decaying the bodies and strength,
possibly for another adventure to before.
Oh, humans rejoice in the asset of the body,
exalting the integrity's which death pays,
ending with something to embody,
for you, me and everybody;
if it comes unexpectedly do not amaze.

Dance of Death Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Chantelle Anne Cooke

Copyright © Martin Brown