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Ode to Silent Cal Coolidge

They called him 'Silent Cal'
  He didn't say very much at all
President about 100 years ago
  Seems like longer than that now, though

Guests at White House Parties
  Waxed eloquent in line and verse
While Cal Coolidge sat there nervous
  His responses tense and terse

On campaign barnstorming trains
  Reporters engaged him in vain
One told Coolidge he'd bet a bottle of booze ~
  He could get Cal to say three or more words 
    ~ The President smirked, "You lose."

In today's age of frenetic bloviation
  When media excesses choke inspiration
We can better appreciate Silent Cal Coolidge
  Who rarely said anything ~ let alone foolish

                   February 18, 2020
   Ode to a President or Politician or... Contest
          Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper

Copyright © Gershon Wolf